YL-F906 JOHN DEERE Gator HPX All models  F&R 04-05
YL-F906 JOHN DEERE Gator HPX4x4 Gator (Petrol) F&R 10-11
YL-F906 JOHN DEERE Gator HPX4x4 Gator (Petrol) Parking brake F&R 10-11
YL-F906 JOHN DEERE Gator HPX 4x4/4x4 Trail Gator (Petrol) F&R 10-11
YL-F906 JOHN DEERE Gator HPX 4x4 Gator (Diesel) F&R 10
YL-F906 CAN AM DS 450 (2x4/EFi) R 08-12
YL-F906 CAN AM DS 450 X (2x4/EFi) R 08-09 
YL-F906 CAN AM DS 450 XXC/XXM R 10-12

Normally we have several different material for pads, for YL series(semi-metaillic), LC series (less metaillic)、

SBP series ( (less metaillic, including DuPont Kevlar fiber),CRM series(eramic),SCB series(copper-based)

and SNT (sintered) series pads are available, and you can choose according to your needs


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