The Spring 2018 Frankfurt Auto Parts show opened with great fanfare

The exhibition believes that the brake to the audience brought advanced manufacturing technology products.On the one hand, the after-sales market combines the professional knowledge and competitive advantages of supporting products; on the other hand, it constantly strengthens the cooperation with customers. The two complement each other to provide customers with high-quality products and diversified services to meet the needs of the after-sales market.

The exhibition showcases the main brands of HI-Q, HARDRON, YONLI and a series of new brands such as HAGEN and FUJITA.In addition to the brake pads, the brake disc, brake fluid and brake maintenance package will be added to the brake system.This exhibition has attracted many famous parts manufacturers in China to stop and visit. They have expressed their willingness to cooperate with us and put forward valuable Suggestions.

The biggest feeling of this exhibition is that the competition will be more and more fierce in China's auto parts market where multiple economic components coexist, including state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, joint ventures and foreign-owned enterprises. Meanwhile, the rapid development of China's auto industry has driven the demand for auto parts and provided broad market space for auto parts manufacturers.